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Released EOG, EOC, and NCFE Questions Now Housed in Schoolnet

Released test items from EOG/EOC assessments have been available since last year. We are proud to add the released items for NCFEs this fall semester. For more information on how to search for these items, please see the instructional materials filter “Home Base Training” to search for “NCFE.” You can access Schoolnet through your IAM Account. Read More »

2015-16 Assessment Specifications for NCFEs Just Released

Assessment specifications files for the North Carolina Final Exams(NCFEs) provide greater detail on the assessments, including background information, the prioritization of the standards, cognitive rigor, item complexity, item types, and assessment delivery modes. The 2015-16 NC Final Exams specification documents also include the number of operational items assessing each objective or standard and links for teachers interested in writing or ... Read More »

What’s New in Schoolnet?

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NCDPI recently shared updated information about new resources and test items available in Schoolnet.  Coming soon, over 78,000 new materials will be added from PBS Learning Media and over 10,000 from work completed by the Governor’s Teacher Network. In terms of assessment items, NCDPI has already added over 55,000 K-12 ELA and Math assessment items from Certica Solutions (formerly NWEA) and ... Read More »

Three Stars and a Wish – Providing Feedback to Students

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Students write/highlight or tick three parts of their partner’s work that meets the success criteria (the stars). They then highlight or circle in a different color the area for improvement and write a wish (For example: “I wish you would explain the process more thoroughly in this section.” Students do need training and modeling to learn to provide good feedback. ... Read More »

What Else? A Simple and Effective Strategy to Improve Assessments

Sometimes students understand content, but they struggle with the way a test question is worded or the Tier II vocabulary in either the question or the possible multiple choice answers.  Other students have test anxiety and become overwhelmed by assessments, especially those they consider important. One simple strategy that can help alleviate student anxiety and can help the teacher recognize ... Read More »

Check out these 36 Digital Formative Assessment Tools

Kathy Dyer shares 36 great digital formative assessment tools for your classroom.  Click here to access her list. Read More »

Edmodo Users: Snapshot has Arrived

Edmodo Snapshot is a free tool that allows you to mold Common Core to your standards.  Snapshot allows you to make assessing your students quick and easy.  Snapshot automatically creates standards-aligned quizzes so that you don’t have to!   Simply pick a standard and decide whether you want to gauge comprehension before or after a lesson (or both).  You decide ... Read More »

Assessment Brief: Understanding the Five Levels of Achievement

Many changes have taken place to the North Carolina accountability. To understand the impact of these changes on state and federal reporting, read the assessment brief released in April by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. Read More »

Academic Achievement Levels Expand on State Assessments

The State Board of Education approved a change in March to the way that the state test scores will be provided to students and their parents with a move from four achievement levels to five.  This move will provide greater precision in reporting performance.  The new achievement level 3 will be considered “passing” although the student may not be demonstrating ... Read More »

More Than 8,000 New Science, Social Studies Resources Added in Schoolnet

On Friday, Feb. 14, Home Base will contain science and social studies resources from Pearson’s Online Learning Exchange (OLE) to help students connect and experience science and social studies. In Schoolnet, click on the OLE Sci/SS tab that displays with your search results and you will find a wide range of resources that can be used in your lesson plans. ... Read More »