Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Providing Structured to students with Autism

The student is working on learning from visual supports.

Dr. Bridges and Ms. Hudson are 2017-18 Innovative Grant recipients who focused on providing structure to students with Autism.  The program serving students at North Newton Elementary is Principles of Structured TEACCHing.  The program helps to explain that students with autism benefit from an environment that is visually structured to help address their learning styles and help them become more independent. ... Read More »

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy

Students taking a picture on the farm with two of their favorite horses.

          Ms. McGee and Campbell at South Newton Elementary were 2017-18 Innovative Grant recipients.  Their project focuses on Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP), a team approach to psychotherapy.  It is a form of therapy that utilizes horses to help promote emotional growth. Equestrian therapy is particularly applied to patients with ADD, ADHD, anxiety, autism, developmental delays, down ... Read More »

4th Annual Bash for Autism

The Autistic Education Foundation would like to invite everyone to the 4th Annual Bash for Autism on August 19th!  The Autistic Education Foundation is a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to provide funding and support to qualified educators via teacher grants for exceptional children’s programs and through institutions of higher learning to further teacher education and training of teachers of ... Read More »

3 Essential Communication Skills

Artistic image of two faces as puzzle pieces

Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) vary in severity of symptoms, skill level and ability to learn. The result is an increasing need to provide quality education for more and more students. By definition, students with autism spectrum disorders have significant challenges in communication skills. Effective communication is a foundation for successful social interaction and appropriate behavior. Therefore, educational instruction ... Read More »

NCCS Autism Team

Teachers engaged in Autism Training

The past three months have been very busy for the Autism team!! We have been working with the Autism Society of NC and the NC Autism team to help the teachers on the team become model classrooms after attending training, and building capacity this school year. The teachers have been developing skills and their ability support students in classrooms whom ... Read More »

Training for Teachers Across the District for Students with Autism

Autism Training

Last week 25 teachers, PreK – 8, participated in a training designed to help the participants gain a better understanding of the core characteristics of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), identify how those characteristics of a student impact performance in the school context. In addition, the participants learned many evidence-based strategies in which they can apply to students with Autism in ... Read More »