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Why use Canvas Learning Management System?

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Please see information below on why Newton-Conover and North Carolina use Canvas LMS! Video Link: Why Canvas?  Choosing a Statewide LMS to Make Teaching and Learning Easier   Why Canvas? In April 2015, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) began providing negotiated Canvas pricing to all local education agency (LEA) and charter schools statewide. Schools and districts purchase Canvas ... Read More »

How to Integrate Google Apps with Canvas

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Good news, Google users!  Google and Canvas have collaborated to form a BRAND new, hot-off-the-press Learning Tool Integration (LTI) in Canvas — that will integrate all of Google Drive!  This has been enabled for our Canvas instance this summer (you will see the Google Drive link in the left sidebar in your Canvas courses), and it is available for you to test!  You must simply ... Read More »

New for 2016-17: The Canvas Standards for Instructional Design

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Adapted from work of CanvasNet, Newton-Conover City Schools’ Instructional Technology department has created a new support document for you to use as a roadmap to guide your digital learning efforts, dubbed the Canvas Standards for Instructional Design. While teachers in Newton-Conover will not be required to use these this school year, using these standards when designing learning in Canvas is a ... Read More »

Canvas PD + SAMR = Canvas FastTrack Video Series!

What is the Canvas FastTrack Video Series? The “Canvas FastTrack Video Series” is a quick video guide for teachers to help with the alignment of Canvas tools with SAMR and the ways to perpetually increase user engagement! For the next 40 days, Canvas will present a new 2 1/2 minute video to the Community starting with the Substitution level of SAMR. ... Read More »

Canvas Tips and Tricks: The Commons

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Most of you know about Commons. However, if you don’t, you are missing out! Commons is a learning object repository of shared documents and resources from other teachers, schools, and districts. This will allow you and your peers to download templates into your courses, upload and download information to share with co-teachers throughout our district (and beyond!), and even import ... Read More »

“Send Messages to…” Feature in Canvas

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Send messages to … (A teacher favorite!) Drop a quick note to your students based on the submission status or assignment scores. Here is how it looks: You set-up the criteria, Canvas composes the mailing list, and you can add or subtract students as needed. It cuts teacher “nagging time” down dramatically, and makes everyone more efficient and far happier. ... Read More »

Cool Tools for Canvas

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If you’re becoming more comfortable with Canvas, our Learning Management System, or you’re interested in reaching out and learning more about the potential of what you can do with it, look no further!  Janet Hurn, Julie Straub, and Tom Mays from Miami University presented a session at InstructureCon, the annual Canvas conference, on how to integrate the apps you use every ... Read More »

NCDPI Announces Canvas as Statewide LMS

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The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction released a memo today announcing the selection of Canvas as NC’s statewide Learning Management System. School districts in our state will now be able to purchase Canvas at an exceptional discount, bridging a large gap for many districts in the transition toward digital teaching and learning. This is an exciting time to be ... Read More »

Canvas LMS Releasing Gradebook Integration Feature

Canvas has taken another massive leap forward to meet the needs of teachers and students everywhere — Grade Passback, a feature discussed at the opening of Digital Days in Spring 2015, is now in Beta and is near readiness for use by NCCS teachers! Grade Passback integrates the PowerTeacher Gradebook with the standard Canvas gradebook, making it possible to push ... Read More »

Zaption Helps Students Interact with Your Content

Zaption is a web app teachers can use to build interactive experiences for students around video.  Teachers can add images, text, quizzes and discussions interspersed throughout private videos as well as those from YouTube and Vimeo to create a “learning tour.”  One great thing to remember is that Zaption is compatible with Canvas. Zaption allows teachers to place questions, comments, and discussion ... Read More »