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Speak Up and Speak Out: Helping Leaders Find Their Voice

a round ball with a speaker in the middle that can be thrown as a wireless microphone

Ms. Reynolds and Vass were 2017-18 Innovative Grant recipients.  At South Newton, we believe that every child can be a leader, and through the paradigm of potential, our students have the potential to be leaders in all areas of the school, not just academics. One way that many students have found their voice is through performing and public speaking.  We ... Read More »

5th Grade CTE Roadshow

5th grade students were outside listening to a high school student about masonry.

Newton-Conover High School’s Career Technology Education (CTE) hosted the first CTE Roadshow for North Newton Elementary’s 5th-grade students as part of their STEM Elective course. All 5th-grade students were exposed to the pathway opportunities and visited two pathways of their choosing.  During their visit, students were led by NCHS student leaders and participated in hands-on activities aligned with that pathway! ... Read More »

Guess Who?? Cards

Note Cards with student information

What do you do when there are five minutes left in class? One quick activities is “Guess Who?” cards. Give each student a recipe card and have her write about ten facts about herself. This can include favorites such as food, color or television show, or any other interesting facts. I like to do some brainstorming on the whiteboard about ... Read More »

Education in Newton-Conover- A GREAT CHOICE

Public education is the great equalizer. It has changed the legacy and future of countless individuals throughout the years. More and more families are looking at multiple options for education. Parents want the best choice for their child and their family. We wholeheartedly agree that families should find the best fit for their children. If all a school does is ... Read More »

2nd Annual Catawba County Public School CHOICE Fair: Rigor, Relevance & CHOICE!

During a time in education when families are considering the best options for their children, public education in Catawba County flourishes with an abundant list of accelerated and specialized programs—all designed to meet the needs and goals of the individual student. The public has the chance to learn about the options in public education through the second annualPublic School Choice ... Read More »

Checking for Understanding

Checking for understanding is an integral part of differentiating for students and ensuring we meet their needs. Edutopia shared 53 ways to check for student understanding.  These formal and informal formative assessment strategies are great ways to provide students with some creative ways to gauge what they know about  your content.  How can you use these strategies in your classroom? Read More »