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ClassroomScreen – A One Stop Management Tool

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There are many digital tools that help teachers keep their classrooms organized and well-managed.  For example during a single lesson, teachers may want to digitally display a timer, noise monitor, and some written directions on the screen to help students with self-pacing.  Instead of having to resize several different windows which include these different tools, allows teachers to open ... Read More »

Be Consistent – Classroom Management

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Classroom Management can be a nightmare for some teachers.  So, begin your year with expectations and remain consistent!  Even though many believe that students do not like to have order in the classroom, they really do! Students have a desire to know  the teacher’s expectations and they will rise to those expectations. How do you create your classroom management system? ... Read More »

Set and Keep High Expectations for All Students

Set high expectations that challenge students to be their best. One expectation should be, is that our students do not line up at the door to wait for the bell because we are too busy making them the best!   5 Ways To Set and Keep High Expectations: Be clear and specific about your expectations. Don’t leave gray area and ... Read More »

Classroom Management – Tips and Tricks

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At some point in every teacher’s career, classroom management is a challenge.  Check out this new article on Teaching Channel that addresses five ways to improve classroom management. Read More »

Tips to Start the Year on a Positive Note

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Most teachers have a passion about their job and want to spend more time teaching than dealing with behavior challenges. Below are five proven classroom management tips that will ensure a positive environment for students and teachers: Know your students: This is one of the most important components of classroom management. Establishing a rapport with your students will allow you ... Read More »

How to Eliminate Distracting Behaviors and Get Back to Instruction

While attending the AIG Conference, I had the opportunity to participate in the session “How to Eliminate Distracting Behaviors and Get Back to Instruction.”  As a middle school teacher nearing the end of another school year, discussing differences in behavior within the classroom is most relevant.  The instructor, Cherisa Zafft, was extremely open and honest throughout the session. She explained ... Read More »

Bouncy Balls – A Classroom Management Tool

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Bouncy Balls is a visual way to monitor classroom noise.  This website uses your computer’s microphone to measure the volume level in your classroom.  You can set the sensitivity and choose from eyeballs, bouncy balls, or emojis.  There is nothing to download, and you can start monitoring in seconds.   Read More »

Classroom Management: Keys to Success

Struggling with classroom management will not only make a teacher absolutely miserable, but this issue will also keep students from learning.  Being a quality classroom manager is one of the keys to professional success.  Accomplished classroom managers provide these keys to help you keep your students engaged. • Always have a well-designed, engaging lesson. It sounds simple, but if you don’t ... Read More »

Classroom Management Tip: Attention Getting Signals

It is no secret that clear procedures are one of the most important tools we use as classroom teachers. Students need them, and they help to ensure that we maximize instructional time. Nick Romagnolo uses attention getting signals with his students to ensure that class time is not lost. One of the most important tips about using attention getting signals ... Read More »

Classroom Management Strategies

The Teaching Channel is a wonderful resource for teachers who are looking for great instructional strategies, classroom management strategies, differentiation strategies, digital literacy strategies, and engagement strategies.  As the school year begins, it is a great time to review some proven classroom management strategies. Click here to learn more. Read More »