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February Edition of ELA Scoop Now Available

The English Language Arts consultants at NCDPI have released their February edition of ELA Scoop.  Check out this “all about love” edition. Read More »

Edmodo Users: Snapshot has Arrived

Edmodo Snapshot is a free tool that allows you to mold Common Core to your standards.  Snapshot allows you to make assessing your students quick and easy.  Snapshot automatically creates standards-aligned quizzes so that you don’t have to!   Simply pick a standard and decide whether you want to gauge comprehension before or after a lesson (or both).  You decide ... Read More »

State Superintendent Addresses What will be Taught this Year

The NCDPI has heard from a number of local educators expressing concerns about what is supposed to be taught this year since the legislature passed its legislation to study the Common Core State Standards with an eye to possible revisions or changes. State Superintendent June Atkinson has recorded a video to explain that the current Standard Course of Study – ... Read More »

NCDPI Adds 3-5 Math Games to Elementary Math Wiki

These games are aligned to The Common Core State Standards. The intent of this document is to provide students with an opportunity to develop conceptual understanding and computational proficiency.  Please feel free to adapt, tweak, or modify the games to meet the needs of your learners! K-2 Games coming soon! Please send feedback: Kitty Rutherford  or Denise Schulz: Read More »

ELA Scoop for May Provides Great Strategies for English Language Arts Teachers

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NCDPI’s ELA team has published the May edition of “ELA Scoop.”  Scroll through the slideshow to see some great teaching strategies and real classroom examples from The Teaching Channel. Read More »

Helping Community Stakeholders Understand the Common Core State Standards

As we conclude year two of Common Core implementation, some community stakeholders are still struggling to understand why the standards are important, how they were selected, and why we owe our North Carolina students the opportunity to engage with these standards.  This handout from NCDPI provides 13 facts about the Common Core State Standards important for North Carolinians to know ... Read More »

Parent Overview of New Standards Now Online

This document outlines for parents what their children should know and be able to do at various grade levels. Click here to access the document. Read More »

Dr. June Atkinson Reacts to Common Core Proposed Legislation

“The Common Core standards in English language arts and mathematics are rigorous and aligned with the skills that students need today. That is why the State Board of Education adopted them in the first place. Under these standards, students are expected to learn important mathematics facts and skills and how to apply them to solve problems. They are expected to ... Read More »

What Does Mathematical Reasoning Look Like?

Since the adoption of the Common Core, many questions still exist about methodologies in teaching math.  Videos are one exceptional way to demonstrate to new teachers, parents, and community members how students should be using higher-order thinking skills to engage with mathematical content. American Federation of Teachers (AFT) teachers, working with Teaching Channel, produced this series of videos in the ... Read More »

Does Language in the Classroom Matter?

Every minute of the day, students in your classroom are listening to language.  This would include language in the form of words, tone of voice, or the speed of your pacing as you share ideas and concepts with students.  Without words, the classroom would be viewed differently.  Could you imagine a classroom without words? Language is proven to be the ... Read More »