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September NCDPI ELA Scoop Addresses Instructional Practices

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The September 2017 ELA Scoop provides a great deal of resources for English/Language Arts teachers.  This edition includes a deep dive into instructional practices, resources, and updates on the future ELA standards.   Read More »

Personalized Pathways in an ELA Class

Student reading a textbook taking notes

            Personalized pathways are designed to give students freedom of choice in learning tasks to reach a goal. The basics of a personalized pathways are that students have control of tasks and pace. The teacher serves as a facilitator and regularly meets with students to track progress. After completing two tasks per goal, students take an ... Read More »

ELA Scoop Explores Using Technology in the ELA Classroom

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NCDPI ELA Consultants provide back to school edition of the ELA Scoop.  English Language Arts teachers will be interested in checking out this resource. Read More »

Reaching Illinois ELA Support Documents Ensure Alignment to Standards

The Illinois Department of Public Instruction has developed amazing resources for ELA teachers in grades K-12 that provide research-based instructional strategies directly aligned to the Common Core State Standards for both Reading Literature and Reading Informational Texts. If you scroll down through these documents, you will find each standard with research-based strategies to use when teaching each standard explicitly. K-5 Informational ... Read More »

NCDPI’s ELA Team Offers Free Webinar on Using Infographics in the English Classroom

Infographics are created to deliver a message by chunking data, text, images, and symbols in a meaningful and visually-appealing way.  The NCDPI ELA team will host a free webinar on March 24 from 3:30 – 4:30  on using infographics in the ELA classroom to support instruction. Registration information is listed below.   Read More »

NCDPI ELA Scoop – Fall Edition is Now Available

As the new school year begins, the ELA team at the North Carolina Department of Instruction has published the Fall 2014 edition of The ELA Scoop.  Take a few moments to check out this edition as it includes the following: ELA Updates Upcoming Professional Development Digital Resources Teaching ELA with Infographics Webinar Schedule And much more.     Read More »

Journalism Education Fellowship Program provides tuition-free, graduate-level course for teachers

N.C. Scholastic Media Association will offer a short-term summer course for teachers and journalism/media advisers. Please help us spread the word. Journalism teachers and publication/media advisers can receive three hours of graduate credit — for free. JOMC 491, “Teaching Online News in the Secondary School,” will be offered July 6-12. The course will be taught in the School of Journalism and ... Read More »

ELA Scoop for May Provides Great Strategies for English Language Arts Teachers

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NCDPI’s ELA team has published the May edition of “ELA Scoop.”  Scroll through the slideshow to see some great teaching strategies and real classroom examples from The Teaching Channel. Read More »

Helping Community Stakeholders Understand the Common Core State Standards

As we conclude year two of Common Core implementation, some community stakeholders are still struggling to understand why the standards are important, how they were selected, and why we owe our North Carolina students the opportunity to engage with these standards.  This handout from NCDPI provides 13 facts about the Common Core State Standards important for North Carolinians to know ... Read More »

NCDPI ELA Webinar: “A Year of Common Core – Reflections from the Field”

Join the ELA team for the webinar, “A Year of Common Core: Reflections from the Field” on Tuesday, May 6th at 3:30!  This webinar will feature educators from around the state speaking about their experiences with teaching the Common Core.  They will discuss the successes and twists and turns they have encountered over the last school year.  Also, learn more about ... Read More »