Saturday , 24 February 2018
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NCDPI Seeks Educator Feedback on Professional Learning in North Carolina.


As we look to the future of professional learning in North Carolina, we see an opportunity for transformation. The Professional Development Coordinators in the Educator Effectiveness Division of NCDPI are envisioning ways to build professional development capacity within districts and charter schools. By focusing on the Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning, we can re-imagine the way we learn as ... Read More »

Parent and Student Climate Surveys Now Online

Climate surveys are online and ready to be completed by both students and families.  Student surveys are once again split into two categories (K-1st and 2nd- 12th) and are located on N-CCS main website. Student surveys will only be active during school hours. Pathway –>Parent/Students> Parent and Student Survey> Choose appropriate link. Read More »

Three Stars and a Wish – Providing Feedback to Students

Star wish jif

Students write/highlight or tick three parts of their partner’s work that meets the success criteria (the stars). They then highlight or circle in a different color the area for improvement and write a wish (For example: “I wish you would explain the process more thoroughly in this section.” Students do need training and modeling to learn to provide good feedback. ... Read More »

My Favorite “No”

My Favorite “No” is a great formative assessment strategy to use as a bell ringer or a ticket out the door.  No matter your subject area, this strategy is a great way to combat misconceptions about content and to see exactly where students need support.  Watch this short video to learn more.     Read More »

Capture Your Thoughts

kid thinking

If you are looking for a new formative way to allow students to summarize their learning, try Capturing Your Thoughts.  This tool allows you to capture students’ thoughts on four elements of your content of your choice. Use the template linked below to provide students an opportunity to respond to a passage, answer the Essential Question, list most important elements ... Read More »