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Google Trends in 2017

Google 4 color logo

Google! Just opening this search engine creates excitement. The joy ranges from ready connections to interesting people to inventions to events and beyond. In small print near the bottom of the screen I noticed a link “See what the world searched for in 2017”. Of course I had to dive in and you should as well. Watch the video and ... Read More »

Google Public Data Explorer – Making Statistical Research Simple

Have you heard of Google’s Public Data Explorer ?  This Google tool pulls from data sets from the World Bank, the US CDC, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, and other public data sources. If you or your students are looking for statistical research, this site is a must.  For example, if you are looking for the 1994 graduation rate for Ohio, your search will be ... Read More »

NCCS Educators Present at Google Summit

On August 5-6, 2014, David Schouweiler, chemistry teacher and tech team member at NCHS, and Brian Smith, NCCS RtI Faciliatator, presented at the Hickory Google Summit.   A Google in Education Summit is an open 1-2 day event primarily focused on Google Apps for Education, but can also cover additional Google products like Chromebooks, Google Earth, YouTube for Schools, Google Search, ... Read More »

Send that E-mail Later with Boomerang

Boomerang is a chrome extension that allows you to schedule E-mails to be sent or returned at a later date.  Here’s how it works!   Just go to the Chrome Web Store and search for Boomerang.  Download the app, and start using it today. Read More »

Google Apps Update

google apps symbols

You might have noticed in the last few weeks that navigation between Google Apps looks a little different. Many of us had grown accustom to using the black bar located at the top of our Gmail to get to our Google Calendar, Drive or any other Google App.  The black bar across the top of the Gmail is now gone. ... Read More »

Using Google Drive to Promote the 4Cs of 21st Century Learning

Jessica luby

Jessica Luby, the 2013 NCHS Teacher of the Year, shares ways Google Drive can be used in the classroom to support collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity.  We are fortunate in Newton-Conover to have Google Drive at our fingertips.  Jessica Luby has found some creative ways to use Google Drive with her students. One way I use Google Drive throughout ... Read More »