Saturday , 24 February 2018
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English Development Standards, Newly Tagged ESL Instructional Materials Now in Schoolnet

Check out the new materials that are available for ESL teachers in Schoolnet! The instructional improvement portion of Home Base (Schoolnet) now has English Language Development (ELD) content standards and close to 200 instructional materials aligned to those standards. Materials include lesson plans, unit plans and other resources. The best way to find the materials in Schoolnet is by filtering ... Read More »

Realtime Board: A Great New App for Collaboration and Creativity

 This online app combines the best features from multiple apps. It’s a collaborative, creative, organizational Realtime Board, based on the idea of a whiteboard, which allows groups to create presentations, infographics, papers and more. It’s a little more high-tech so older students will benefit the most from this one. One of the bonuses is that when a document is pinned to the board, you ... Read More »

Common Core State Standards and ELL Students


Have you ever wondered how to ensure that your ELL students are learning both language and content standards during your instructional lessons?  Now you can find the information in the WIDA bulletin.  The WIDA bulletin provides guidance for teachers of English Language Arts who are implementing the Common Core State Standards.  The new standards expect students to develop more complex ... Read More »

Classroom Teaching Strategies for Active Student Engagement


Have you ever wondered how do you keep your students actively engaged in your classroom?  There are many ways to keep your students attention and to ensure that they remain on task throughout your instructional lessons.  Below you will find a few techniques to add to your “Teacher Toolbox” to help you maintain active engagement in your classroom. Strategy No. ... Read More »

Pre-Assessment Strategy: Brain Dump

brain image

Whether you need a pre-assessment or quick focus and review, Brain Dump will provide you with information about how much information your students know or have retained about a specific concept or topic. Ask students to either dump all information they know on a sheet of paper or orally with a partner or group. Ask students to share information with the group ... Read More »