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Looking for Strategies to Support Differentiation? Here are 18 Teacher-Tested Strategies

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The 18 strategies found in the slideshow below were published on Edutopia on June 4, 2015.  Check out these practical ways to provide more differentiated instruction into your classroom.   Teacher Tested Strategies for Differentiated Instruction from Edutopia Read More »

High Yield Strategy – Similarities and Differences

Robert Marzano has identified nine instructional strategies that classroom teachers can utilize to improve instruction in the classroom.  Our schools have been focusing on identifying similarities and differences this month which yields a 45 percentile gain in academics.  When working with students on this strategy, the students have to break concepts into similar and different characteristics. There are four effective ... Read More »

Review to Escape the Room

4th graders that saved all of the zoo animals

With the E.O.Gs around the corner, we have been reviewing concepts with Escape the Room type questions created by Teresa Kwant. The students have to solve common core questions and in order in to save zoo animals, capture monsters, and other amazing tasks. The students have had a great time trying to Escape the Room. The group below captured all ... Read More »

Assistive Technology Provides Support for ALL Students

Assistive technology supports all students.

            Do you have a student in your classroom who needs some additional supports to be successful? The use of assistive technology (AT) may be an easy way to meet that need. IDEA defines assistive technology as any item, piece of equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized, that ... Read More »

3 things to do when you fail miserably

We have all had those lessons that we thought were great and then we put them into practice and they weren’t. So what do you do next? Reflect. Did all of the lesson go poorly or was it just one part? Was the lesson the problem or was the timing of the lesson the problem? Is there something you could add ... Read More »

New Year, Try a New Collaborative Group Work Protocol

Words: Collaborative Group Work Strategies

CLICK HERE to view a pdf of some potentially “new-to-you” collaborative group work strategies to help your students stay focused while working together.  There are 17 different protocols within this resource… it’s a new year, so pick a new strategy to implement in your classroom in order to improve the effectiveness of your students’ collaborative efforts. Read More »

Creating Trauma Informed Classrooms

sad child

As educators begin the new school year getting to know and building relationships with individual students, it is sometimes difficult to know how to best address the needs of students who may have experienced some kind of trauma already in their lives.  Mr. John Eller, the Director for Catawba County Social Services, recently shared the article “Creating Trauma Informed Classrooms” ... Read More »

Marzano’s 9 High Yield Instructional Strategies

About a decade ago, the hottest instructional strategies were the work of Robert J. Marzano, and they were 9 High Yield Instructional Strategies.  Here we are, over 10 years later, and these strategies are still excellent pedagogical strategies.   Marzano conducted a meta-analysis of multiple research studies and determined the strategies that had the highest impact on student achievement.  You ... Read More »

Tips and Tricks to Chromebooks

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Student: “There’s something wrong with my Chromebook” or “I don’t know what button I pressed… but something is wrong….” If you would like to learn some tips and tricks to helping your students use chromebooks in the classroom, then check out this presentation that has some basic tips about the chromebook keyboard, applications, and troubleshooting that you might find helpful while ... Read More »

Don’t Rush, Be Happy

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I am not a purveyor of much educational literature. While I enjoy discussing the theories of education and developmental psychology at times, the horrid tests and reading assignments from my university days still make it difficult for me to choose to read educational literature. However, every so often an article catches my fancy, and I am sucked in. I first ... Read More »