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Big Leaders Learn From Little Leaders

South Students Teach Adults 7 Habits

On Monday, April 24th, South Newton student leaders hosted over 50 adult leaders from the Catawba County community. The focus of the day was Leader in Me and the 7 Habits. Students spent time teaching the adults the 7 Habits of leadership and personal effectiveness and shared how the habits have made a positive difference in each of their lives. The students ... Read More »

Every Time You Hear a Bell…

It’s been said, “Every time you hear a bell, an angel gets his wings.” But at South Newton, every time you hear the bell, a leader has met his or her WIG (Wildly Important Goal). Part of leadership involves setting goals and taking action steps to meet them. Also included in goal setting is celebration and recognition once the goal ... Read More »

South Newton Teachers Present at the Leader in Me Symposium

South Newton Elementary School presented this week at the Leader in Me Symposium in Spartanburg, SC. Jane Clark and Heather Reynolds shared videos of class meetings held daily. Class meetings are held to empower students to take ownership of their classroom which also fosters a classroom family atmosphere.  For more information on their presentation, click here. Sarah Stapleton and Brittany Gaines shared how South ... Read More »

Leader in Me Community Event to be Held at The Crossing at Hollar Mill

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On May 26, 2016, an event, “The Leader in Me – Accelerating the Good to Great for All Catawba County Schools,” will be held at The Crossings at Hollar Mill from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. Speakers will address the difference The Leader in Me is making in Catawba County. Attendance is free. Community and business leaders and all who ... Read More »

South Newton Students Showcase Leadership

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On Thursday, May 5,  students at South Newton Elementary shared their blossoming leadership abilities with district leaders and community guests. “Planting Seeds, Growing Leaders” highlighted how the small, but certainly not insignificant steps, that students are taking today will eventually pay off with some amazing leadership capacity for our youngest citizens and for our community as a whole in the future. Students gave ... Read More »

Save the Trees

Trees are critical for healthy and vibrant communities. Mrs. Jane Clark’s first graders at South Newton learned this and other interesting tree facts from guest visitors recently. Greg Moser from the City of Newton and Jeff Icard from the Forestry Service demonstrated how to plant new trees and how to care for existing trees. The guests along with student helpers planted seven ... Read More »

Planting Seeds, Growing Leaders

South Newton students and staff have been busy preparing for their 2nd annual leadership day to be held on Thursday, May 5th, 9am-11am on South’s campus. South Newton is in their second year of implementation of Leader in Me, a Franklin Covey initiative based on Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Only in year two, results are already ... Read More »

South Newton Student Leaders Make Request

On Friday, April 29, six student leaders from South Newton’s fourth grade presented their request for a new basket court on the new school’s campus. First, the students researched ideal locations for the proposed court while considering costs and landscape alterations (using lots of math skills!). Then they created a center-court design that would include the 7 habits of leadership on the ... Read More »

Happy Birthday to Everyone!

South Newton students and staff recently met their shout-out goals for being recognized as leaders. Each grade level plus the faculty and staff had to receive 25 recognitions in order for the school goal to be met. Students were surprised when they entered the school adorned with birthday balloons, presents, and banners. Each classroom was decorated, and instruction was focused around a ... Read More »

Duke Energy Family Science Night

South Newton student leaders recently led a family science night of hands-on experiments and all kinds of fascinating science facts. Resources were provided free of charge to South Newton from Duke Energy as a part of the North Carolina Science Festival. South was one of 150 schools across the state chosen for the Duke Energy investigations kit. Students were the lead ... Read More »