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Elimination of Double Testing Coming for 2017-18

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On May 4, 2017, the State Board of Education approved revisions to State Board Policy ACCT-021. This revision approves the use of a testing flexibility offered by the Every Student Succeeds Act. This flexibility allows 8th grade students enrolled in NC Math 1 to take the NC Math 1 EOC as the accountability assessment. Allowing this eliminates the need for ... Read More »

Math I and EOG Math Grades 3-8 Assessment Specifications Available

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 Assessment specification documents typically outline the purpose of the assessment, the structure of the assessment (e.g., item types, number of items, test sections, test administration time, delivery modes, supplemental materials), and percentage of items or score points measuring a specific goal or domain category. The revised content standards for Math I were adopted by the NC State Board of Education in June 2016. ... Read More »

Nominate a Colleague for one of the Science, Mathematics, & Technology (SMT) Awards

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Each year, the North Carolina Science, Mathematics and Technology Education Center awards individuals and organizations whose extraordinary contributions to science, mathematics and technology education in North Carolina help advance education in North Carolina. Awards are presented in eight different categories. Educator and student award recipients receive $1,000 and are honored during the Celebration of Science, Mathematics and Technology event in ... Read More »

Learning From Error Analysis in Math

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Everyone makes mistakes! Many times these mistakes lead to important discoveries.   It is critical for teachers to pay attention to the errors that occur in the work of their students. One strategy teachers can use within the classroom is error analysis.  Error analysis helps teachers identify which steps the student can perform correctly in math and what specific errors ... Read More »

Burroughs Wellcome Fund Accepting Applications for Career Awards for Science and Math Teachers

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The Burroughs Wellcome Fund is currently accepting applications for the Career Award for Science and Mathematics Teachers (CASMT). CASMT is a five-year award available to outstanding science and/or mathematics teachers in the North Carolina public primary and secondary schools. The purpose of this award is to recognize teachers who have demonstrated solid knowledge of science and/or mathematics content and have ... Read More »

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy app or website is a great learning tool for students.  The program has short videos and lessons on all kinds of subject matter.  Recently my students have been using Khan Academy to help them better understand fractions.  They have been more engaged and are showing better understanding since we have incorporated the app into our stations.  The ... Read More »

Need something to check student learning?

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Help your students close the achievement gaps with exit tickets created by Zeal Exit Tickets. Using the Zeal Exit Tickets, you can see what your students are still struggling on after you have taught a lesson. Then you can adjust your teaching to help those students in their area of weakness. You can assign exit tickets in reading and math ... Read More »

Bed Time Math

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Bed Time Math Parents have always read to their children before they go to bed, but what about math? The Bedtime Math app is researched based and is a great way to incorporate math into students’ nightly routine. Every night students are presented with a new story. After each story there is a math problem associated with the story. The ... Read More »

Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching

The National Science Foundation is currently accepting nominations and applications for thePresidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST) program. PAEMST is the highest honor bestowed by the United States government specifically for K-12 mathematics and science teaching. Awardees serve as models to their colleagues, inspiration to their communities, and leaders in the improvement of mathematics and science ... Read More »

Why Do We Teach Math Differently Now?

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Parents, students, and sometimes even teachers, ask the question, “Why is math taught so differently now?” If you have about 9 minutes, this video will clear up any questions you might have about why we structure math concepts so differently now.   Even if you don’t have 9 minutes, the real reason is provided in the first two minutes, so check ... Read More »