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NCDPI Shares High-Quality Math Resources

At the NCDPI state-wide Curriculum Summit on February 20-21, NCDPI leaders addressed concerns from across the state.  One of the topics was secondary math, as well as math in general. Lessie Anderson, NCSU Math Consultant, shared how to dig into Home Base to find high-quality math resources to support math teachers in the following areas: Curricula Instructional Units Lesson Plans ... Read More »

NCCTM Conference Proposals Due May 15

It’s time to submit Speaker Proposals for NCCTM’s 44th Annual State Math Conference! The conference will be held October 30th and 31st at Koury Convention Center in Greensboro, NC. This year’s theme is Big Ideas for Teaching and Learning Mathematics. Proposals may be submitted using the link . The deadline for proposals is May 15th. We hope to hear from you soon! If you have questions ... Read More »

Computational Fluency, Algorithms, and Mathematical Proficiency

During a recent webinar, Computational Fluency, Algorithms, and Mathematical Proficiency were discussed.  Below you will find some important key notes from the webinar. According to NCTM, Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, computational fluency refers to having efficient and accurate methods for computing. Students exhibit computational fluency when they demonstrate flexibility in the computational methods they choose, understand and can ... Read More »

Strategies for Developing Mathematical Understanding

Making Math Accessible for All Students was a topic discussed in a webinar that fits our thinking about mathematics.  One strategy used to make mathematics accessible to students with learning difficulties is the Concrete-Representational-Abstract instructional sequence, also referenced as CRA. This is a research-based strategy with the purpose of ensuring that students truly have a thorough understanding of the math concepts/skills they are learning. When students who have math learning problems ... Read More »

Newton-Conover 8th Graders Attend STEM Tour

Newton-Conover Middle School eighth-graders along with their principal, teachers, and other staff, attended an Extreme STEM Tour on November 14.  STEM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  The tour, coordinated by Tracy Hall, Catawba Valley Community College, and the Education Matters initiative, is an opportunity for students to visit businesses and industry that are rich ... Read More »

Elementary Teachers Vet Summative Math Test


Our K-2 teachers were involved in vetting the K-2 State Math Summative Assessment on November 18.  The teachers reviewed, analyzed, and critiqued each question on the assessments for NCDPI.  This collaborative approach was a meaningful experience for all involved.  The teachers were able to provide our state information related to the assessment that will benefit our students. By having the opportunity to ... Read More »

AMC 8 Competition on November 19

math heart

  The AMC 8 is a 25 question, 40 minute multiple choice examination in middle mathematics designed to promote the development and enhancement of problem solving skills.  This contest is held on Tuesday, November 19. Each year about 5000 to 6000 NC 6th through 8th graders participate in the problem solving adventure.  We encourage our 8th grade teachers to get involved! The ... Read More »

Math: “Putting the Practices into Action”


On Thursday, October 10th,  Stefanie Buckner from Buncombe County Schools facilitated a workshop held at the NWRESA in Wilkesboro, NC.  The session provided great perspective on teaching mathematics. Stefanie focused her workshop around a book entitled:  Putting the Practices Into Action, Implementing the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice, by Susan O’Connell and John San Giovanni, 2013. This book takes ... Read More »

Appalachian State University to offer MELT Institutes

App State Univ

MELT week-long Institutes are open to all K-12 and community college mathematics faculty. (Housing on campus is available.) MELT Institutes are developed to meet the needs of North Carolina teachers who are now using the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. MELT Institutes focus on mathematical content and instructional techniques which mirror the nature, philosophy, structure, and intent of the ... Read More »

Dr. David Stegall Featured in Two Publications

Dr. Dufuss

Dr. David Stegall, Superintendent, has authored two articles with Jayme Linton, Professor at Lenoir-Rhyne University. The articles are “Teachers in the Lead: A District’s Approach to Shared Leadership,” which was published in the Kappan Journal in 2012, and “Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice and TPACK: An Integrated Approach to Instruction,” which was published in the Common Core Mathematics Standards ... Read More »