Wednesday , 21 February 2018
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Instructional Core Modules Available in Canvas

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The Instructional Core Framework was developed by the NCCS Curriculum Team in conjunction with the NCCS Curriculum Council after a year of research, reading, and lengthy discussions about what all good teachers should know about pedagogy.  If you are new to Newton-Conover, you had the opportunity to get a broad overview of the Instructional Core during our New Hire Orientation. ... Read More »

Instructional Core Support Document – A Work In Progress

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As we move into second semester, we are concluding our Instructional Core sessions on Introduction to Content and moving into the Differentiated Pathway.  The next several months, we will explore how to address the needs of students who have mastered content or who have demonstrated a strong understanding of content prior to instruction. As you plan lessons or look for ... Read More »

Understanding by Design: A Framework to Support Effective Teaching and Learning

If you ask most teachers, they won’t hesitate to tell you that they feel confined by pacing guides and curriculum maps that demand a lock-step, time-bound approach to student learning. When educators first hear that their district or school will be looking at curriculum planning using the Understanding by Design (UbD) framework, some immediately think that UbD is simply a ... Read More »

Pre-Assessment Strategy: Brain Dump

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Whether you need a pre-assessment or quick focus and review, Brain Dump will provide you with information about how much information your students know or have retained about a specific concept or topic. Ask students to either dump all information they know on a sheet of paper or orally with a partner or group. Ask students to share information with the group ... Read More »