Wednesday , 21 February 2018
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Read. Actively Learn

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Do your students need to work on close reading skills or practice being an engaged reader? Check out! When using Actively Learn, students will attain a deeper understanding of a text by establishing meaning, analyzing the text, and applying prior and current knowledge. Teachers activate thinking by modeling close reading, asking higher-order questions, facilitating discussion, and encouraging students to ... Read More »

ExC-ELL (Expediting Comprehension for English Language Learners)

How do English Learners learn best?  What instructional strategies are most effective for the English Language Learners?  According to Dr. Margarita Calderon’s research, the quality of the instruction may be more important than the language of the instruction when it comes to providing effective educational programs for ELLs.  Calderon defines high-quality instruction as strategic, systematic, and incrementally built on what ... Read More »