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What is dyslexia?

What is dyslexia? This one-page fact sheet provides essential information about dyslexia. You can read the fact sheet online, or print it out. Click on the download link below to print the fact sheet.  Dyslexia Fact Sheet (View Full Size / Download) Explore an overview on dyslexia, which includes a video with an expert and inspiring personal stories. Find out what ... Read More »

nn is a wonderful free website for students and teachers.  Class lists can be loaded on the program and then used to assign appropriate lexile levels for student groups, individuals and whole class instruction. Exciting and relevant articles that appeal to students are available.  Students are given multiple choice and essay style questions. Many articles have multiple articles associated with ... Read More »

5-3-1 Summary Strategy

Are you looking for a way to encourage your students with summarizing information from text?  The 5-3-1 strategy allows students to work independently, in pairs, as well as with a group to share their thoughts and ideas surrounding specific topics. 5-3-1 strategy 1. On their own, students think of 5 words or phrases related to what they learned (ex. from ... Read More »

Three Recommendations for Teaching Middle and High School Students to Write Effectively

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Recently, there has been a renewed focus on improving the content writing skills of middle and high school students. A new Educator’s Practice Guide was published in November, 2016 by the IES (Institute of Education Sciences) titled Teaching Secondary Students to Write Effectively. This report presents writing instruction recommendations aligned with several earlier research reports including Writing Next (2007) and Writing to ... Read More »

Students Create Their Own Stories

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Students can write their own stories and increase their writing skills by using WriterReader  app. The students take their stories and plug them into the book platform. They can also add pictures to go along with their stories. Great app to use for struggling readers and writers. Read More »

Using Sentence Frames in Your Classroom

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Do you have students who struggle finding the right words to explain, describe, or clarify what they may be thinking?  So many students are able to understand more than they can speak. One of best ways to engage English language learners (ELL) in actively acquiring new material is to connect their background knowledge to the new topic. Sentence frames allow students to make ... Read More »

Stump the Teacher

How many of our students enjoy competition?  How many of those same students would love to stump their teacher? Stump the Teacher is a strategy used to review content that has been taught in the classroom. This strategy allows the students to have fun while being in a competition with their teacher within the classroom.  Students are able to quiz the ... Read More »

Need something to check student learning?

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Help your students close the achievement gaps with exit tickets created by Zeal Exit Tickets. Using the Zeal Exit Tickets, you can see what your students are still struggling on after you have taught a lesson. Then you can adjust your teaching to help those students in their area of weakness. You can assign exit tickets in reading and math ... Read More »

Let Anyone in Your Classroom Make Gorgeous, Art Inspired Stories in Minutes

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Teachers are always looking for ways to challenge students to be creative in writing.  Try using  This is a free website where students can create visual stories.  The most important piece about this website is that it encourages your students to work together in collaborative groups to create a story surrounding a specific topic.  This is an awesome way ... Read More »

Close Reading and Annotation – What Do They REALLY Mean?

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There has been a great deal of buzz around the phrases “close reading” and “annotation” since the Common Core State Standards were introduced a few years ago.  However, these terms have become ambiguous over time, and people really aren’t sure exactly what they really mean in terms of classroom practice.  Help, however, is on the way.  The resources below on ... Read More »