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Learning Lunches – Connecting Students to Future Careers

A few students are sitting around Ms. Medevec showcasing some of the tools used in the school factory innovative grant

Mr. Palozzi and Wilkinson were 2017-18 Innovative Grant recipients at Newton-Conover High School.  The project has sought to help find several key solutions to address our community’s need for better equipped and informed workers.  The  vision of the collective opportunities demonstrates our strong and collaborative commitment to preparing students for a future where “the jobs of today won’t exist tomorrow ... Read More »

Mission Mindfulness

Ms. Fonville, an educator who supports both South Newton and North Newton Elementary, was a 2017-18 Innovative Grant recipient.  Her project focuses on using yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques to improve educational, social, and behavioral outcomes for our students with special needs. For more information on how to incorporate Yoga into your daily classroom activities, please contact either South or ... Read More »

2018 NC-4 Forms

During the 2017 session, the North Carolina General Assembly enacted Session Law 2017-57 which converted North Carolina’s child tax credit to a child deduction.  The new “Child Deduction Amount” varies based on a taxpayer’s filing status and adjusted gross income (“AGI”).  The “Child Deduction Amount” expands the number of taxpayers who may benefit by increasing the AGI limits and by ... Read More »

Not Giving Up

The word hope spelled out with scrabble letters.

Ms. Barrow who frequently supports students in the Transition Room was the recipient of a 2017-18 Innovative Grant.  Students will engage in meaningful small group and personal activities that focus on individual strengths and past experiences to increase motivation shifting their fixed mindsets to growth mindsets. Three key activities encompass this project.  First, students and staff will travel to the ... Read More »

Providing Structured to students with Autism

The student is working on learning from visual supports.

Dr. Bridges and Ms. Hudson are 2017-18 Innovative Grant recipients who focused on providing structure to students with Autism.  The program serving students at North Newton Elementary is Principles of Structured TEACCHing.  The program helps to explain that students with autism benefit from an environment that is visually structured to help address their learning styles and help them become more independent. ... Read More »

2017 W-2 Forms

Screenshot of a W-2 form

2017 W-2s have been processed and were distributed yesterday, January 16, 2018. As a reminder, Timekeeper has a feature that allows you to view or reprint your W–2 from any computer with access to Timekeeper.  To do this, log into Timekeeper and select ‘Print W2’ from the menu on the left hand side of the screen. Select 2017 to view or reprint your 2017 W–2. ... Read More »

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy

Students taking a picture on the farm with two of their favorite horses.

          Ms. McGee and Campbell at South Newton Elementary were 2017-18 Innovative Grant recipients.  Their project focuses on Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP), a team approach to psychotherapy.  It is a form of therapy that utilizes horses to help promote emotional growth. Equestrian therapy is particularly applied to patients with ADD, ADHD, anxiety, autism, developmental delays, down ... Read More »

Revise, Reteach, Remediation

As teachers we know that reflecting and revising is beneficial for students, but how often do we allow ourselves to do that?   Recently I was listening to an episode of a podcast, Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers. She was giving several tips on how to trim time off your workweek. One of the things she said was “First make ... Read More »

Collaboration Creation

Image of the newly renovated Media Center at Shuford Elementary.

Ms. Clemmons and Mrazek at Shuford Elementary were 2017-18 Innovative Grant recipients. The media center has recently been transformed into a student-centered environment.  The projects students would be completing would align with multiple academic areas such as math and reading.  Through this collaborative process, students will be meeting technology standards.  With the purchase of 4-32” flat screen TV’s mounted in the ... Read More »

Here’s What You Could Do To Strengthen Your Learning Commons

Image of the makerspace window with three different student-made signs that say makerspace.

Ms. McRary and Griffin were District Innovative Grant Winners for the 2016-17 school year.  Because they were a district winner, they received $1,500 as a joint effort for the 2017-18 school year. Because of our Newton-Conover Middle school is a STEM school, great strides have been made to improve the STEM-related opportunities in the NCMS media center.  Spaces have been ... Read More »