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Newton-Conover 8th Graders Attend STEM Tour

Newton-Conover Middle School eighth-graders along with their principal, teachers, and other staff, attended an Extreme STEM Tour on November 14.  STEM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  The tour, coordinated by Tracy Hall, Catawba Valley Community College, and the Education Matters initiative, is an opportunity for students to visit businesses and industry that are rich ... Read More »

Century Link Mini-Grants: Teachers and Technology

          Century Link is offering mini-grants designed to help teachers innovatively use technology in their classroom that will increase student achievement.  Century Link will consider grant applications up to $5000.  Applications will be accepted until January 10, 2014.  This is an excellent opportunity for teachers to be creative and obtain technology to use with their students. ... Read More »

State Releases Goal Summary Reports to Districts

One of the most challenging aspects of having new standards and new assessments is understanding how much each standard is weighted on that assessment.  When revising instructional guides and pacing, teachers benefit from allocating the appropriate amount of time to each concept.  To review the breakdown of standards on each state assessment, click here. Read More »

Summarize Web Content with TLDR

TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) Plugin is a free extension that creates a summary of any web article without leaving the original page. Overview: The TLDR Plugin (beta) extension provides a streamlined way to get a condensed synopsis view of news, blog posts, and other articles online for quick and easy reading. This plugin analyzes the content and creates summarized ... Read More »

Read Like a Detective Strategy #8: Speak the Text

NCDPI English Language Arts Consultants shared 40 Ways to Read Like a Detective during the 2013 Summer Institute Sessions.  Check out Strategy #8, Speak the Text. Description:  Use a speech to analyze the impact of certain words, meaning, and tone. Common Core State Standard Alignment:  R.CCR.4, L.CCR.3, and SL.CCR.6 Strategy:  Using a speech, have students insert line breaks anywhere they would ... Read More »

NCCS Student Advisory Places Emphasis on the 4Cs

4 cs

The NCCS Student Advisory for the 2013-14 school year met at Newton-Conover High School recently.  This year, for the first time, the advisory includes not only high school students from Discovery and NCHS but also middle school and elementary school students from around our district.  Dr. David Stegall’s vision for Student Advisory is to blend leadership discussion and team building ... Read More »

Elementary Teachers Vet Summative Math Test


Our K-2 teachers were involved in vetting the K-2 State Math Summative Assessment on November 18.  The teachers reviewed, analyzed, and critiqued each question on the assessments for NCDPI.  This collaborative approach was a meaningful experience for all involved.  The teachers were able to provide our state information related to the assessment that will benefit our students. By having the opportunity to ... Read More »

Prezi in Action


How would you like to be able to use a technology process to showcase information for your students?  Try using a Prezi! A Prezi is a zooming presentation software that helps you organize, present, and share your ideas. With Prezi, you move seamlessly from brainstorming your ideas to presenting them. Create a more cinematic and engaging experience and lead your ... Read More »

Allied Health Students Create Infographics to Demonstrate Mastery

health occupations

The goal of Digital Days is to provide educators in NCCS an opportunity to learn about new digital resources and tools for professional and classroom use.  During our October Digital Days sessions, Jenni Killian, Allied Health Sciences teacher at NCHS, attended a session on Infographics.  Infographics are an increasingly popular way to share research and information in a visually appealing ... Read More »

Internship Programs Prepare Students for Their Futures

John Evan sitting at the desk of Congressman Patrick McHenry

Students at Newton-Conover High School have the chance to check out their future career choice by taking an internship during their junior and senior year.  On average,  150 juniors and seniors will take an internship class during the school year.  This is when a student chooses to go to a place of business or area of interest that may suit ... Read More »