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Three Recommendations for Teaching Middle and High School Students to Write Effectively

Student writing

Recently, there has been a renewed focus on improving the content writing skills of middle and high school students. A new Educator’s Practice Guide was published in November, 2016 by the IES (Institute of Education Sciences) titled Teaching Secondary Students to Write Effectively. This report presents writing instruction recommendations aligned with several earlier research reports including Writing Next (2007) and Writing to ... Read More »

8 Classroom Strategies for students with disabilities (SWD) and the benefits for ALL students

Provide one step directions. SWD may process information slower, have difficulty remembering and prioritizing. How it helps all students: Everyone has days when distractions (from home or school) and forgetfulness are just the name of the game. Provide visuals, and lots of them. How it helps SWD: SWD need multi-sensory instruction to engage left and right brain activity. Provide visual, auditory, ... Read More »

NCCS Autism Team

Teachers engaged in Autism Training

The past three months have been very busy for the Autism team!! We have been working with the Autism Society of NC and the NC Autism team to help the teachers on the team become model classrooms after attending training, and building capacity this school year. The teachers have been developing skills and their ability support students in classrooms whom ... Read More »

South Newton Teacher Collaborates with Letterland Creator Over Skype

On Saturday, March 21st, South Newton Elementary School teacher Shannon Mullins had the opportunity to Skype with Lyn Wendon, creator of Letterland.  She was asked to talk about her success with Letterland and Letterland Interventions. Letterland is the curriculum our elementary schools are currently using to introduce the foundational concepts of reading to our K-2 students. During the Skype session, ... Read More »

SIOP Strategies

students with pinwheels

How are you making sure that the ELL students in your classroom are learning?  Have you included SIOP strategies into your daily lesson plans?  Below you will find the steps for a SIOP lesson plan and some SIOP strategies to implement into the classroom. What is SIOP?  SIOP is a researched based lesson delivery model that links Content Objectives to ... Read More »

Training the Student’s Brain for the Common Core


Did you ever think that our students in the classroom would need to have their brains trained in order to be able to comprehend the curriculum?  Well, according to Margaret Glick there are four important methods to train the students’ brains.  Read more to find out about the methods.   How to train students’ brains for the Common Core By ... Read More »