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PicCollage for the Littles

PicCollage is a creation app that is used frequently in my Kindergarten classroom. I feel it is important to give our children a voice and choice in their education. PicCollage allows me to do just that. After a short lesson with all of my kiddos, they were PicCollage Pros! PicCollage allows you to import photos from your Camera Roll. Students ... Read More »

Wonderopolis is Wonder-ful

Wonderopolis logo

Have you ever wondered why green means go or how to get rid of hiccups?  Maybe you have wondered why birds fly in a V or how a snake’s fangs work.  If you have wondered about any of these things or more then Wonderopolis is the site for you.  Wonderopolis is a website that explores what we wonder about.  The ... Read More »

Take The Leap, Breakout!

Break the Room Box

If you’re interested in ultra-engaging learning games for any age, consider introducing your students to breakout sessions.  Breakout sessions allow students the opportunity to work collaboratively, problem solve, and use critical thinking skills to solve problems.  Breakouts can be used to teach any core academic subject to students of all ages!  How does technology factor into a breakout session?  From guiding ... Read More »

Try Animoto

Animoto Logo

Want your students to tell a story that isn’t boring? Try Animoto! Animoto is just one example of digital story telling tools. It is a great way for students to communicate through creating videos. Animoto’s video making software makes it easy and fun to create and share.       What’s your digital footprint? Here is an example of a digital video used to ... Read More »

Piktochart in the Classroom

Piktochart is a web based, infographic software that is easy to use to make posters, presentations, reports, and infographics.  There are lots of templates to choose from or you can design your own.  Charts, backgrounds, and frames can be added quickly to your template by dragging and dropping in place.  There are lots of examples and tutorials to help you get ... Read More »

Are your students documenting their learning?

Seesaw Logo

Students complete an assignment and turn it in… Now what? A stack of papers that will eventually be graded, documented (by the teacher) and then sent “home”, but do they ever really make it there? Seesaw is a student driven digital portfolio that is easy enough for any age student to use. You even have three different ways to sign ... Read More »

NCDPI Announces Canvas as Statewide LMS

Canvas Logo

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction released a memo today announcing the selection of Canvas as NC’s statewide Learning Management System. School districts in our state will now be able to purchase Canvas at an exceptional discount, bridging a large gap for many districts in the transition toward digital teaching and learning. This is an exciting time to be ... Read More »

Flip Your Class or Try Blended Learning with Screen-Cast-O-Matic

Screen-Cast-O-Matic (SOM) is an easy and inexpensive tool that can transform your classroom into a blended, differentiated learning space. Approved by NCCS for district use, teachers and administrators can use SOM to communicate with parents and students,  in class use, or learning outside traditional classroom hours. If you have students over 13, you can work with parents to develop a plan for ... Read More »

Fall In Love With YouTube All Over Again!

YouTube in the classroom can be an awesome tool, and using the YouTube Editor will take teaching and learning to a new level. Customize your video with music clips, speech bubbles, closed captioning and more in a few simple steps.  Visit and let the fun begin! Try adding a speech bubble to your favorite uploaded video. Go you your ... Read More »

Wonderopolis is Wonderful

Wonder is for everyone. It can happen anywhere and at anytime. Connecting the learning we do in our schools, our homes, and our communities. Wonderopolis walks the line between formal and informal education. Each day, we pose an intriguing question and explore it in a variety of ways. Our approach both informs and encourages new questions, sparking new paths of wonder ... Read More »