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Practicing vocabulary with Flocabulary

Flocabulary is a great way to teach your students the vocabulary that goes with the standards you are teaching. The students listen to a song video that has the vocabulary words. The students then practice with vocabulary cards, read and respond to a passage and take a quiz on the words. The students love it and I can assign them ... Read More »

ClassroomScreen – A One Stop Management Tool

textbox, traffic light, clock, and timer on a grass background

There are many digital tools that help teachers keep their classrooms organized and well-managed.  For example during a single lesson, teachers may want to digitally display a timer, noise monitor, and some written directions on the screen to help students with self-pacing.  Instead of having to resize several different windows which include these different tools, allows teachers to open ... Read More »

SAS Curriculum Pathways available to all!

Screenshot of SAS Curriculum Pathways

SAS Curriculum Pathways has offered digital lessons for quite some time at a cost to the school.  These great resources are now available for FREE and offer virtual ways for students to explore content.  In addition, there are online lessons aligned to the Science Olympiad events for the elementary, middle, and high school tournaments.  Talk with your school’s Science Olympiad coach ... Read More »

Ditty…Say it with a Song!

Ditty logo

Ditty is an App that turns your sentences into a song. In our Kindergarten classroom, we have created “Ditties” for all subject areas (even classroom management!) The possibilities for student collaboration and creation are endless! There are essentially 3 basic steps to turn your message into a song Type your message (up to 70 characters) into the App. If students ... Read More »

Pic Collage

Screenshot of Piccollage

Pic Collage is an app that can be used in any content area. You can create graphic organizers, have your students take a picture of the graphic organizer and double tap to set it as the background in Pic Collage and start filling it in! If you do not want to use a graphic organizer, students can start from scratch and ... Read More »

Embrace Instructional Technology, but Check the Approved List!

Clip art of Rubik's Cube with Apps on each side

Welcome back from what we hope was a summer of leisure, fun, and rest!  As you begin making lesson plans and firing up the Chromebooks, iPads, and laptops, take a moment to review the Approved App/Tool List to ensure that you remain in compliance with district policy as well as CIPA, COPPA, and FERPA regulations. You can use the Ctrl+F ... Read More »

DHS Students Share Knowledge of 3D printing

Two Discovery High Students recently traveled to South Newton to teach the 5th grade classes the basics of 3D printing. Zach Perry and Tanner Abernethy helped set up the 3D printer and instructed the students on the fundamentals of 3D printing and how to use the printer for various school projects.   “These kids are going to grow up using ... Read More »

Write About This App

Write About This is a writing app that will help even your most reluctant writers want to write.  Students can choose from a wide variety of visual prompts, select prompts from a list of categories, or create their own prompts by using the camera feature.  The Write About This app has both a free and paid version.  There are more features ... Read More »

SeeSaw now offers a way to blog

Seesaw Logo

SeeSaw is a really simple digital portfolio that works on all devices. Recently they have added a new component which is a blogging function to the portfolio. So now you can add a blog for your classroom right in the SeeSaw app so that students do not have to manage and keep up with multiple websites and usernames. Below is the video that ... Read More »

Simply Create, Save, and Share Digital Products with Screencastify!

Screencastify Logo

“ScreenCastify” can be added to your suite of google apps and extensions from the online Google Chrome Web Store (CLICK HERE to get ScreenCastify).  This Google Chrome Extension allows students to produce a screencast from one tab within google chrome, the desktop of their device, or a video from the webcam itself.  The screencast or video that they record will be automatically ... Read More »