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Make Classroom Presentations More Interactive with Nearpod

Need to get information to your students?  Need to make sure they are understanding that information? Want to do it in a format that can both engage and assess your students?   Nearpod is a tool that can be used in classes to create interactive presentations allowing the teacher to build assessments and understanding checks right in! Rather than a presentation ... Read More »

Are your students documenting their learning?

Seesaw Logo

Students complete an assignment and turn it in… Now what? A stack of papers that will eventually be graded, documented (by the teacher) and then sent “home”, but do they ever really make it there? Seesaw is a student driven digital portfolio that is easy enough for any age student to use. You even have three different ways to sign ... Read More »

The Friday Institute Fall 2015 MOOC-Ed Courses Now Available

Outside view of Friday Institute

Check out the Friday Institute’s latest MOOC-Ed Courses.    Not sure what a MOOC-Ed is?  Watch this one-minute video.  Click here to register! Read More »

Organize Your Life With Google Keep

Google Keep Logo

I am a list-making kind of person.  I have sticky notes, chart paper, notebook paper, and often even old envelopes and scraps of paper with my “to-do lists” all over the place.  Last week, I learned about Google Keep.  I love it!  Use Google Keep to organize your life digitally.  Check out this brief tutorial and get started! Read More »

NCDPI Releases New Online Module: Assessing Digital Tools

Choosing digital tools for your classroom can be daunting. The fact that a given tool could be used for educational purposes doesn’t mean that you can use it in your classroom, with your students, or in any given lesson—or that you should use it. This module will walk you through some ways of assessing classroom technology, considering the kinds of ... Read More »

Newton-Conover Reveals New Website

NCCS Webpage Screenshot

If you have not checked the Newton-Conover City Schools website recently, you might be surprised when navigate to our new webpage.  NCCS has upgraded their site to a more contemporary platform.  The site is easy to navigate and to use for visitors and for staff.  Please be patient as we are migrating content over and working to train staff on ... Read More »

Chief Academic Officer, Heather Mullins, Serves on NC Blended Learning Summit Panel

Dr. Mullins serves on NC Blended Learning Summit Panel

 On Thursday, April 23 Ms. Heather Mullins, Chief Academic Officer, served on the North Carolina Blended Learning Summit Panel to share with stakeholders the progress Newton-Conover City Schools has made in blended learning initiatives.  The North Carolina Blended Learning Summit was sponsored by Edgenuity, NWEA, Imagine Learning and Amazon.  Over 200 educational leaders from across North Carolina met to discuss best ... Read More »

An Oldie, but Goodie. . . Zite!

This is an oldie but goodie!  I have teachers ask me all the time where I learn about the digital tools I use in my classroom.  Even though I rely on my personal learning network through Twitter, Pinterest, and even Instagram, I read a lot of articles about instructional technology. My favorite source for these articles is the iOS app, ... Read More »

Flip Your Class or Try Blended Learning with Screen-Cast-O-Matic

Screen-Cast-O-Matic (SOM) is an easy and inexpensive tool that can transform your classroom into a blended, differentiated learning space. Approved by NCCS for district use, teachers and administrators can use SOM to communicate with parents and students,  in class use, or learning outside traditional classroom hours. If you have students over 13, you can work with parents to develop a plan for ... Read More »

Professional Development at Your Fingertips

Differentiation has been a key educational concept for years, and one thing is for certain, teachers need and deserve differentiation just as much as students do. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction has worked hard to develop self-paced and instructor-led professional development that is accessible through Home Base that are no cost to NC educators who have a Home ... Read More »