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Organize your World with Symbaloo

Symbaloo is a grid of icons that link to various web addresses that you create, organize, and share. Use Symbaloo to organize and share the best of the web with your students.  Teachers can create a Symbaloo for an individual unit or lesson to provide students with links they will visit to find information or engage in learning. Symbaloo can keep ... Read More »

Realtime Board: A Great New App for Collaboration and Creativity

 This online app combines the best features from multiple apps. It’s a collaborative, creative, organizational Realtime Board, based on the idea of a whiteboard, which allows groups to create presentations, infographics, papers and more. It’s a little more high-tech so older students will benefit the most from this one. One of the bonuses is that when a document is pinned to the board, you ... Read More »

Changes to Prezi are Impressive

Prezi is a tool to share ideas, present work, and persuade in an engaging and visual way. Over the past couple of years, Prezi has undergone significant changes that make the platform much easier to navigate and edit. Prezi provides a fresh outlook on traditional slideshow presentations. The use of one big canvas and zoom function both allow for emphasis ... Read More »

CIPA, and COPPA, and FERPA…. Oh My!

Teaching in the digital age presents myriad considerations that we could not even conceive just a few years ago.  One of these considerations is the use of web 2.0 and web 3.0 tools by students under age 13.  There are some amazing, interactive, and fun tech tools out there that seem to be perfect for our classrooms.  However, before you ... Read More »

The Changing Role of Media Specialists: Common Core & Technology Trailblazers

Josh Work defines media specialists as the Swiss army knife of any school, and now more than ever, the media specialist’s role has evolved. Our media specialist should be among our most valuable resources for technology integration. Media specialists could essentially become the resident “go to” person for teachers with questions on blending technology and Common Core infused lessons.  Read ... Read More »

Newton-Conover 8th Graders Attend STEM Tour

Newton-Conover Middle School eighth-graders along with their principal, teachers, and other staff, attended an Extreme STEM Tour on November 14.  STEM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  The tour, coordinated by Tracy Hall, Catawba Valley Community College, and the Education Matters initiative, is an opportunity for students to visit businesses and industry that are rich ... Read More »

Summarize Web Content with TLDR

TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) Plugin is a free extension that creates a summary of any web article without leaving the original page. Overview: The TLDR Plugin (beta) extension provides a streamlined way to get a condensed synopsis view of news, blog posts, and other articles online for quick and easy reading. This plugin analyzes the content and creates summarized ... Read More »

Allied Health Students Create Infographics to Demonstrate Mastery

health occupations

The goal of Digital Days is to provide educators in NCCS an opportunity to learn about new digital resources and tools for professional and classroom use.  During our October Digital Days sessions, Jenni Killian, Allied Health Sciences teacher at NCHS, attended a session on Infographics.  Infographics are an increasingly popular way to share research and information in a visually appealing ... Read More »

Curriki: Global Community of Free Curriculum Resources

curriki image

Find free to use learning and teaching content from diverse content providers and educators from around the world. What happens when classroom teachers from every country in the world take part in a global community of sharing curriculum and best practices? Teachers are empowered to create extraordinary learning experiences for their students. Barriers to equal access to education begin to lift—geography ... Read More »

Where is my milk from?


Looking for a fun bell ringer for science or just a way to help your students become more informed about the origin of the food they consume?  Go to and input the dairy code from your milk carton to see how far your milk traveled to reach your mouth.  This cool site includes Google Maps to local dairies and a blog ... Read More »