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Check out these 36 Digital Formative Assessment Tools

Kathy Dyer shares 36 great digital formative assessment tools for your classroom.  Click here to access her list. Read More »

Read the Fine Print! Tweet Beam Bills Unknowing Professionals

This year, the NCCS instituted the NCCS Tool/App Approval List.  Although the process may have felt overwhelming at times, last week, we received a startling reminder of just why this document and process are so important.  Educational organizations across North Carolina began receiving bills from Tweet Beam last week.  The correspondence from Tweet Beam accused these agencies of using the ... Read More »

Get started with Blended Learning…. TODAY!

I recently attended a Blended Learning Workshop in Wilkesboro, NC. During this session, we explored the pieces and parts of the Blended Learning process. Before I tell you how SIMPLE it is to get Blended Learning started in your classroom, let’s make sure you are clear on the basics of Blended Learning. Blended Learning integrates face-to-face instruction with technology-based learning. There are 6 ... Read More »

Nonfiction + Technology = No Brainer!

Using technology in the classroom has proven to get students motivated about what they learning, increase knowledge, and prepare students to become 21st century learners. I try to implement technology in all subject areas. However, one area that I always struggle with using technology creatively and effectively is in English Language Arts. This recently changed because I discovered two great ... Read More »

Chief Academic Officer Presents to Digital Superheroes

Heather Mullins spent the last two days sharing and learning with digital leaders from around our state at the Friday Institute’s Coaching Digital Learning Institute.  The theme of this year’s institute is:  You are a superhero!  The sessions and resources from this Institute are amazing.  Check out those resources here. Resources include tons of apps, tools, information about 1:1, blended ... Read More »

Great Grade Tool!

Grading papers can now be fun and easy with! This app/website allows you to grade assessments with ease, and it will even do the dirty work of analyzing the data for you! Sign up for your account here! Confirm your email address Select “Classes” from the top, and “Add a New Class.” You can import your class list from an Excel document ... Read More »

District Leaders Present at AdvancED Conference

Dr. David Stegall, Superintendent; Heather Mullins, Chief Academic Officer; and Cindy Geddes, Director of Accountability and Technology, traveled to Greensboro on Monday to present to state leaders at the AdvancED North Carolina Fall Conference.  The conference  provided opportunities for leaders in North Carolina to collaborate with colleagues and share ideas about what works, what doesn’t and what’s around the corner. The ... Read More »


Voki, found online at, is a fun way to engage students through talking avatars. Students can create their own avatars, designing them to resemble a historical character or a caricature of their own self. Using their own voice, they can enhance language skills, work on vocabulary, answer questions, the possibilities are endless! Likewise, teachers can create homework assignments that ... Read More »

Tech Tip: Extend your Screen

Use the extend feature of your laptop to display your warm up on your projector while taking role in Power School at the same time.  Use the Function + F1 or Function + F8 (depending on the model of your computer) to extend your screen so that your students can be engaged in an assignment while you take care of ... Read More »

NCCS Leaders Present at Summer Institutes in Regions 6, 7, and 8

Several NCCS leaders presented concurrent sessions at the NCDPI Summer Institutes in July 2014.  NCDPI hosts eight summer institutes across North Carolina.  This series of conferences highlights successful district practices.  This year, NCCS had the opportunity to share three different presentations with three regions of North Carolina educators. Dr. Stegall, Heather Mullins, and Cindy Geddes presented “From Overworked to Overly ... Read More »