A Day Care Centre In Killara

killara childcare centre

The Killara Childcare Centre is located at Fiddens Wharf, Killara on the eastern coast of Ireland. It is one of three centers of excellence in Killara, County Kerry. Fiddens Wharf, in particular, is renowned for being one of the most visited locations by parents looking to take their child for an afternoon or evening.



It caters for both babies and toddlers. Both types of childcare facilities are available and cater for all age groups. Babies are cared for in a fully air-conditioned environment while toddlers are held in high chairs and given toys to entertain them while they are learning. Both styles of childcare are fully equipped with modern equipment.


Killara is also home to other facilities. There is an award winning spa facility and a day care centre that offers a fun learning environment for infants and toddlers as well as older children. It also has a gym and a swimming pool, making it an ideal location for any type of family. This centre is completely committed to providing first rate childcare to families. Its other child care facilities include a primary care centre, two day care centres, a baby boutique, a childcare center for the elderly, a gym, and a swimming pool. If you need help finding a day care centre in Killara, you can do so through Cavan Care, which is one of the leading agencies in the region.

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