Ab Kettlebell Exercises

ab kettlebell exercisesab exercises kettlebell can provide a huge variety of core and abs workouts. They also help build strength for many different movements and planes of motion.

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and hold a kettlebell in both hands at chest level, tipping the handle towards your shins. Then, swing the kettlebell back between your legs.

Kettlebell Mastery: How to Sculpt Your Abs with These Effective Workouts

During the movement, push your hips back and down as you press the kettlebell overhead. It’s important to keep the torso and knees fixed during the movement to prevent hunching over and injury.

Lateral Swings x 8-12 reps: This exercise is a great way to work the obliques and the stabilizer muscles of the low-back. The lateral swing combines the kettlebell’s anti-rotational action with rotation to really challenge these core and obliques.

Plank pass over x 10-12: This is another excellent ‘plank’ exercise that works the abs in a variety of ways, including anti-rotational and anti-extension action. It’s a good progression on from the renegade hold, as it forces you to be in a single arm plank for most of the exercise and is challenging enough to hit both sides.

Sit and Press x 12: This is a great way to work your abs, as it combines a sit up movement with a kettlebell overhead press. Be sure to brace your core throughout the move and keep your heels on the floor, but also try to combine the sit up with the press to work the abdominals and obliques at the same time.

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