Branding Agencies

branding agencies

Branding agencies develop visual identity for businesses. These creative firms can create a new logo and website design, a brand board with color hex codes, and company guidelines. Branding agencies can also create packaging design and other visual designs. But unlike marketing agencies, branding agencies do not provide marketing services. They do not manage digital advertising campaigns or manage other aspects of a company’s marketing efforts. Rather, they create a visual identity that represents the core values of the company.

The Agency’s Team Members And Their Expertise

Branding is about more than a logo. It’s about creating an entire brand experience that inspires loyalty and affinity to a business. Branding agencies create a memorable brand experience and help businesses connect with their ideal audience. While these agencies are not technically marketers, they do have the talent to bring an overall brand vision to life. In fact, branding agencies can also create the marketing tools to support the vision. They can also help companies develop their brand strategy and implement it in a cohesive way.

A branding agency’s fees are based on the complexity and scope of your business. However, a good branding agency will charge $150 to $300 an hour for a full-service rebrand. In addition to the branding strategy, they also develop the visual identity and messaging. Typically, branding agencies provide a toolkit for a company to embed brand values, promises, and positioning into the business’s culture. One-off advertising campaigns may not be the best place to use a branding agency.

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