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Custom Tattoos: How To Communicate Art With Your Tattoo Artist in the Best Way Possible. At some point you understand what you need to get; a unique concept, a touch of brilliance, but sometimes you’re just not sure how to go about expressing what you desire it to appear as. That’s where a good tattoo artist comes in! They’ll work closely with you to figure out just what it is that you need in order to make your custom tattoos truly stand out from the rest. You’ll be able to design your tattoo based on several different factors; such as the theme of your custom tattoos, the colors and images that are relevant to your life and personality, the locations and times of your life events, and many more.

Custom Tattoos: Seeing What You Left Behind in Your Past

A quality tattoo artist has several methods for doing this. They can draw from their deep personal experiences through life and use what they’ve learned in order to come up with a design based on that experience. For instance, maybe you have a lot of bad memories of a traumatic event, such as a car accident or a fall. You can use that as the basis for a custom tattoo that features an old, battered automobile surrounded by barbed wire and a noose with a chainsaw attached. You can even use your bad memory as a way to describe the pain you’re now experiencing – maybe a bullet grazing your shoulder or the bottom of your foot accidentally getting stuck in the door of a car during a traffic mishap.

Or perhaps you had a love affair that fizzled out rather suddenly, with both parties involved deciding it wasn’t meant to be. You might have some sort of sentimental attachment to a certain time or place or even a specific person. Through the years you’ve said some pretty stupid things in your life, possibly at the wrong moment, that could be used as a basis for custom temporary tattoos. Maybe you got into a really bad habit, and now you’re trying to get past it by tattooing something you’ve worked toward removing – a cross, perhaps, or some other long-lasting symbol of your past. When you look at temporary tattoos, though, it’s not so much about what you remember, but how well you can put that memory into words that will be read by others long after you’re gone. That’s the true spirit of custom tattoos, after all: giving people a glimpse into your inner workings, even if only for a short while.

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