Certified Tree Risk Assessment Qualification – What It Takes To Be One

certified tree risk assessor

A certified tree risk assessor is an identification card that certifies that the person has completed a specific set of training and is now competent in assessing tree threats in your area. There are a number of different areas in which a certified tree expert may be required, and you should always consider any new hire from a company with a solid certification to help determine how they will fit into your company. The first thing to know is what a tree specialist actually does. This includes an evaluation of a property, its vulnerability to weather conditions, the kind of cuttings used to maintain the tree, and other relevant factors. Once a tree has been identified as a risk, a traq certified tree expert will then analyze the situation and develop a plan of action. He or she will then work with the homeowner and their chosen provider to come up with an affordable solution to removing the tree.

Different areas in which a certified tree expert may be required

The next step of the process is the actual assessment itself. The certified tree risk assessor will inspect a property and create a report with recommendations on what can be done to address the problem. In many cases, he or she will recommend that the property owner remove the hazard, and if doing so would result in safety hazards for workers, they might also recommend that the shutter be replaced. If there are no hazards or other problems with the property, the assessor will suggest ways to make the property owner aware of any potential hazards his or her employees may encounter while working around the tree.

A certified tree risk assessor qualification is only one element of an effective tree removal team. Many hazards are best removed in one fell swoop using robotic equipment, but in some cases even highly trained specialists may miss certain parts of a job that mean a property is unsafe to work on for a number of reasons. For example, if a service provider does not fully assess the location of a hazard, the operator may not realize the area needs to be immediately evacuated. Even if an operator knows there are some hazardous conditions to address, he or she may not be able to find them unless he or she has attended a certified tree risk assessment training course. Trees pose many hazards for contractors, but by learning how to properly identify them and using certified operators who have undergone thorough training, it can be easier to ensure the safety of a crew who may be working around dangerous trees.

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