Choosing Temporary Stage Platforms For Your Facility

temporary stage platforms

Choosing the right stage platform system for your venue can be one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning for an event. Unlike permanent stages, temporary stage platforms can be easily assembled and disassembled to allow you to adapt your staging setup for different events, allowing you to host concerts, theater productions and more. However, there are several areas to consider when selecting a stage platform solution for your facility, and speaking with consultants, architects and stage experts can be an excellent resource for you to use when making this decision. This link

The first area to consider is the type of structure you want your staging to be, a stage platform may be an excellent choice for you if your facility has soffits or balconies that limit the height of your performance areas. Additionally, if you plan on hosting many different types of events and activities at your facility then a stage platform will likely be more cost effective for you than building in a theatrical style stage with curtains and backstage areas.

Portable Excellence: The Art of Modular Temporary Staging

Our Quik Stage portable stage kits come complete with everything you need to create your desired staging layout, including stage ramps and stairs, guardrails and a full set of safety railings. The durable plywood tops have a hardwearing anti-slip hexa textured finish that is fine with occasional rainfall and is easy to clean. The aluminium riser leg units have a high allowable live load rating and they’re designed to be used on a variety of floor surfaces safely.

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