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Penstock Valve is simply a generic term which has been utilized for years and become synonymous to, a water containment system, and lots of later civil engineers have been defining Penstock Valves as that purpose. In simple terms it is a sort of hydraulic stopcock/dock but its more than that. It s also a sort of water control device that allows the passage of water between two bodies of water, or between different bodies of liquids, it is not just a singular device but a whole range of water containment devices (i.e. gravity fed pipelines)

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Penstock Valves And Were Too Embarrassed To Ask

There are two types of Penstock Valve systems; the first is known as a gravity fed penstock valve system, it uses gravity to force the water through the channel and is commonly used in plumbing applications. The other type is known as a hydraulic actuator based valve system. This uses an actuator to open and close the valve – typically a trolley-style actuator. Hydraulic actuators are typically more expensive to make than gravity fed penstock valves (due to the additional materials required) however they offer greater flexibility and often provide a higher quality product. Additionally they can be positioned anywhere you please as the only restriction is the existing space in which they are placed.

With this said you can see that penstock valves and gravity fed valves have a lot more similarities than differences and both of these types of valves can be used to control water flow in a wide range of applications. However you must take into account that the size and type of the actuator used as part of your system will determine the efficiency of your system as well as the overall life of your valve(s). One final note on this subject, the portability of your valve system is of paramount importance as being mobile will allow you to make quick repairs to any damage that may occur. Finally I would like to mention that if you are interested in purchasing a portable valve actuator then you should visit our website for some excellent advice on the best models to buy.

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