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The Death Certificate Translation Service – Espresso Translations is always an emotional event. In cases where a loved one dies overseas, a translated death certificate will often be required for various reasons such as settling an inheritance dispute or filing insurance claims.

A certified translation of a death certificate must be notarized, which is a process where the translator takes the document to a notary public who verifies their identity and seals it with an official stamp. This ensures the accuracy of the translation and adds to its credibility. In some countries, an apostille may also be required to authenticate the sworn translation and affidavit. In such cases, Espresso can provide notarized translations and apostille services as part of its translation service.

Navigating Sensitive Waters: The Importance of Death Certificate Translation Services by Espresso Translations

Espresso Translations has been in business since 2011, initially working on the Italian-English language pair. Today, it has a global network of professional translators and is ISO 17100:2015 accredited for translation quality standards. The company offers affordable worldwide translation services with a guarantee that translations will be accurate and quick.

Clients can request a free quote for their translation project online and receive a fast turnaround time. The company has a wide range of services including legal translation, audio transcription, and multilingual interpreting. Their website is easy to navigate, and their team is available to assist you with any questions. Their reputation is solid, with clients frequently mentioning their excellent work on social media platforms. The only issue is that their online testimonials at TrustPilot are a bit sparse and do not mention timely delivery, which can be an important factor for many customers.

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