Essential Pieces of Equipment for Winemaking

equipment for winemaking

There are several pieces of equipment that a winemaker needs to have in order to be successful. This equipment can range from items that are necessary to make a single bottle of wine to larger scale kits that include everything needed to craft a full wine.

Starter Kits – A good starter set will give you all of the basics you need to get started making your first wine. These sets come with a wine fermenter, bottle, and all the additives you need to make your first batch of wine. This link website

Choosing Bottles for Winemaking – When making wine you need to use bottles that are large enough to hold the volume of wine you want to produce. You can find a wide variety of sizes at home brewing stores. The best bottles are those that have a diameter of at least 750 millimeters.

Upgrading Your Winemaking Equipment: Benefits and Considerations

Corks & Caps for Bottles – Winemakers use corks to seal off bottles of wine from oxygen and bacteria. You can buy single-use or double-lever corks and caps for your wine bottles to make sure you are protecting your precious liquid.

Carboys for Fermenting – Most home winemakers will need at least one glass carboy to hold their fermenting juices in. These are available in three to six gallon size and can be used for many different styles of winemaking.

Racking Cane – This is an essential piece of equipment for any hobby winemaker. It allows you to transfer your wine from one fermentation container to another without having to pour it.

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