Home Automation and Entertainment at the Design Center Charlotte

Home Automation and Entertainment at the Design Center Charlotte

The Design Center Charlotte kitchen & bath online experts is a facility that helps consumers and home automation enthusiasts to utilize the benefits of high-tech multimedia in creating a better home environment. The center offers premium electronic components such as televisions, computers, home theaters, DVD players and surround sound systems. Its extensive collection of home automation products allows the users to make the most out of their surroundings by integrating them with their home automation systems such as televisions, home theaters and surround sound systems. The center also offers various other home entertainment products such as speakers, home entertainment software and video game consoles among many others. The wide range of products offered by the Design Center Charlotte is enough to satisfy different types of customers.


The features of the center include a home theater system complete with a five-way game control, seven-inch LCD TVs with hi-def technology and premium home theatre speakers that are capable of providing clear and excellent sound. The center features a collection of home entertainment software that enables customers to connect their home theater systems with their computers and laptops. This feature allows customers to enjoy their movies and music even more. Customers can also use the Design Center Charlotte’s on-site network of cables, phone lines, Internet access as well as telephone services to help them connect their home systems to the Internet and connect all their entertainment devices to the same network.


The design center also features a wide range of communication products and home entertainment systems that enables customers to connect any of their devices to the network. These products are capable of delivering high definition video as well as audio. One of the most popular systems is the VDI/DVI to DVI-D converter which converts a conventional VGA input to a digital output. This feature makes it easier for customers to connect their home theater systems with their computers and laptops to enjoy superior picture quality.

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