How to Find Customised Mask Singapore

If you have been living in Singapore for quite some time now, you will know that the Masks are very much in trend. With the increasing number of expatriates coming to the city state due to work purposes, they also become a part of the fashion and nightlife scene. The nightlife is no longer a problem for the people as you can find a number of nightclubs and bars that offer customised mask Singapore. You can also see some live music shows conducted at various pubs and bars where the Masks are the top selling item.




The Masks are made up of soft vinyl coated on the face with a plastic laminate. The mask is usually made up of a bright coloured visor which can either be transparent or opaque depending upon the event that requires it. There is also a mouthpiece attached to the visor, which is usually made out of steel with the words “Masks” written across it in bright red. The eyes of the wearer are usually covered with black eye-wear. The Masks usually come in two pieces and have a strap fastened at the back with Velcro fasteners so that it can be worn on the back of the head.


The Masks are a popular item not just for expatriates to use when attending night-outs at clubs in Singapore but also for locals. Masks sell like hotcakes especially during Christmas and New Year’s Eve, where many young people get together to celebrate the joy of having the holiday season. The Masks also sell like hotcakes during various other special occasions such as Onam, which is a special mid-month festival and Singapore National Day where every household in the country decorates their house with lights and banners to celebrate the country’s Independence day. It also sells like hotcakes during other festivals such as Good Friday, Easter, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Guru Nanak Jaya.

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