How To Get The Most Out Of Your Search Engine Ranking

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A full citation audit is when a website is thoroughly reviewed for all backlinks, which include internal and external links. The purpose of this audit is to make certain that all backlinks exist and that there are no misleading or false information on the site. This can mean the difference between having a good website or one that does not rank as high as it should. There are many ways to get links pointing to your website, but the most important is back links that point to your Myrtle Beach SEO services page.


Each backlink from a different domain has a specific value. The first value is derived from the highest level of authority (citation) available for that link. The second value is determined by the total number of links pointing to that site from that domain. The last value is an overall average of all the backlinks a site receives from all domains. If a site receives more backlinks from a particular domain, it is considered to have the highest level of authority. The links from the highest domain authority sites are referred to as ‘authority’ links and they are the ones that will be used in the rankings to determine the best ranking for a site.


In addition to backlinks, it is important to also obtain social media citations, the web development and content referencing that point towards your site. The web development and content referencing points towards the content on the Myrtle Beach SEO website itself, while social media references are more about how users interact with the website. Both of these ranking factors are extremely important and play an important role in determining where your site ranks within the search engines. Web development and content referencing are using to give users insight into how user-friendly the site is and how professional it appears to anyone using the internet.

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