Pre Spray Carpet Cleaner

pre spray carpet cleaner

Pre spray carpet cleaner is a key component of effective cleaning, helping to break down soils and oil allowing them to be more effectively removed by your hot water extractor. In addition, prespraying helps to save chemical usage and leaves less residue which can cause rapid re soiling.

The right pre spray will depend on the type of soiling and carpet and the conditions you are dealing with. There are different pre sprays formulated for light and heavy soiling, as well as to work better on various types of carpet.

For example, our best selling pre spray, Flex is an ideal choice for heavily soiled carpet. It is strong enough to break down oils and soils, but also gentle enough not to damage fibers. We recommend that you apply the pre spray using an injection or pump-up chemical sprayer and agitate thoroughly. Do not allow the pre spray to dry.

Why Pre-Spray Carpet Cleaner Is Essential for Deep Cleaning

Another excellent product for heavily soiled carpet is Rat Nasty. This pre-spray contains an advanced blend of builders, surfactants, emulsifiers and potent oxidizers to help break down heavy soiling, grease and protein stains. It also contains Wanders Red Release, a powerful dye remover that cuts through Kool-Aid, blood and other red stains. Use this pre-spray as part of Spartan’s spray and extraction carpet cleaning technique, or as a pretreat for shampooing or bonnet cleaning. It is a caustic-free formula and is safe for use on all nylon, olefin and wool carpets.

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