Reverse IP Lookup – How to Find All A Records Associated With a Specific IP Address

ip address lookup

The ip lookup is a unique numeric string identifier assigned to each device that connects to the Internet. It is used to identify computers, mobiles, tablets and any other machine that communicates using TCP/IP.

Your public IP address follows you wherever you go on the internet. It is used by websites to track your browsing history, email activity and other personal information about you.

A reverse ip lookup is an easy way to find all A records associated with a specific IP address. This is especially useful when identifying virtual hosts being served by web servers.

Tracing the Connection: A Guide to IP Address Lookup and Its Benefits

The reverse IP lookup can be run against a single IP address, or across a CIDR network block. Free users are limited to a maximum of 500’000 results, while registered members can get up to 10 million.

Bing can perform a reverse ip lookup for any search query that resolves hostnames from an IP address. It is a great tool for detecting any fraudulent activity by a customer.

Reverse IP Lookup is also a good technique for locating vulnerabilities in a server. If a web server is oversubscribed and has many websites hosted on it, then performing a reverse IP lookup can help to pinpoint which sites are using which ip addresses.

Private IPs (sometimes called LAN IPs) are used to connect a computer, mobile or tablet to the local network without exposing it to the public internet. They can be dynamic or static depending on how the router is configured.

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