The Basics of Water Restoration

The Basics of Water Restoration

Whether you have a flooded basement, kitchen, or bathroom, the water restoration process can be overwhelming and costly. While some restoration activities can take days, others may take weeks. A professional company that specializes in water damage recovery can quickly respond to your call and begin the cleanup process as soon as the water is removed. Immediately begin drying the affected areas and preparing them for further steps. Once the area has been dried to industry-approved standards, the water removal and cleaning process can begin.

The first step in water damage restoration is to remove standing water and contaminated materials. After removing standing water, the restoration company will begin dehumidification. They will utilize industrial-quality air movers and dehumidifiers to dry soaked materials. Even if the water has been sucked out, the material may still be wet and appear dry to the touch. This can cause additional damage and foul odors.

Once the structural elements of a building are clean and dry, water restoration professionals will need to replace damaged parts of them. They may also install additional insulation to prevent future flooding. Carpeting, laminate flooring, and drywall will all have to be removed, but some may require additional cleaning. In some cases, a water damage professional will need to sanitize the surfaces as well. The restoration process will be a long, complex process, so make sure that you hire the right company to handle your property.

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