Toolbox Casters Make Moving Your Tools Easier and Safer

If you’re looking to add more mobility to your tool storage, consider purchasing toolbox casters. They are designed to make moving your tools easier and safer. There are many styles and designs to choose from. More info :

Do fixed casters go on front or back?

When choosing a caster, you’ll want to consider the load rating and material of the wheel. For example, pneumatic wheels provide cushioning and high resistance to oil. You can also find wheel materials such as polyurethane on iron that provide quieter rolling and more floor protection.

The same is true for the other features of a caster, like the directional lock and total lock. A directional lock allows the wheel to move, but prevents it from swiveling. In addition, a total lock will immobilize the equipment when the caster is not in use.

Another good option is a caster with a brake, though not all casters feature a braking mechanism. A caster with a braking mechanism will stop the wheel from moving when the caster is engaged. This may not be the best choice for moving heavy equipment or a cart that contains ramps or inclines.

If you’re looking for a toolbox caster that will meet your needs, take a look at Service Caster’s wide selection. They offer caster sets that are suitable for Knack jobsite storage units, Jobox storage units, and Craftsman tool boxes. Whether you need wheels for a small tool box or a heavy-duty industrial cart, you’ll find what you need at a price you can afford.

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