Turn Your Tablet Into a Portable Oscilloscope

If you have a tablet and a tablet oscilloscope port you can turn it into a powerful oscilloscope. The software can load the waveform into memory, display it on a screen and then transfer the image to your computer for more advanced analysis. This capability is one of the biggest advantages of a tablet oscilloscope. It can also be useful if you don’t want to carry around your full lab setup.

The FNIRSI 1013D is a two-channel flat-panel tablet oscilloscope with a high resolution 7-inch 800×480 display. It features a maximum real time sampling rate of 1 GSa/s and an analog bandwidth of 100 MHz. It supports single, normal and automatic trigger functions as well as non-periodic digital signals. It includes intelligent anti-burn function and can withstand up to 400 V of continuous high voltage.

Portable Precision: The Advantages of Tablet Oscilloscopes

The interface is designed to be easy to use with the included touchscreen. Each channel can be configured with a selection button on the right side of the screen. This allows you to select whether the vertical input is connected to ac-ground or ac-dc, to set a maximum limit for the displayed vertical signal (mV/div or volts/div), and to select a number of other settings.

The ‘T CURSOR’ and ‘V CURSOR’ options place vertical and horizontal cursors on the screen which you can move with your finger to define specific points on the waveform. This is useful to measure rise times and overshoot. The software provides a number of additional measurement functions such as frequency, area and trend, plus a variety of math and statistical operations.

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