Virtual Fundraising Ideas

Virtual fundraising ideas are a great way to reach new audiences and raise funds without increasing your organization’s operating costs. Whether it’s an online scavenger hunt, live streaming a 5K race, or a social media takeover, there are many options to consider. Peer-to-peer fundraising accounts for 1/3 of all online donations, so encourage your community to fundraise for your nonprofit! Give them the tools they need to be successful by giving them personal fundraising pages through CauseVox. Encourage them to tell stories about the people or animals you serve, highlight your impact and why more funding is needed, and ask for their support.

Innovative Virtual Fundraising Ideas: Engaging Supporters in the Digital Age

Get your community moving with a virtual athletic event, such as a 5K run, bikeathon, climbathon, or yoga marathon. Encourage participants to sign up ahead of time and then use their fundraising page to ask friends, family, and neighbors for donations in support of your cause. Track their progress the day of your virtual race and cross their virtual ‘finish line’ goal (and their real one) to create a fun, interactive experience for your supporters.

Host a virtual dance party or live stream your own concert to bring your community together for a good cause. Sell “tickets” to the event and offer prizes for the best dancers in your audience to add an element of competition and fun. Alternatively, host an online game night with your community by broadcasting multiplayer video games on platforms like Twitch or Jackbox.

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