What to Expect at an Eye Test

An eye test is an examination performed in order to determine ability and vision to recognize and focus on objects. Eye exams are usually performed by either an ophthalmologist optometrist, optician, or an eye specialist. The eye exam procedure includes the basic measurements of the eye, examination of the eye, testing of visual clarity, and the detection of diseases of the eye. In some cases, eye specialists perform additional tests that may include ocular cancer, corneal topography, retina topography, refraction, and biometrics.

How to Do an Eye Test

eye test

Once you have completed an eye exam, the eye doctor will write down any findings on a chart. This chart will be your official prescription from your doctor. If the eye exam has detected a disease or condition that requires further treatment, a referral will be written to a specialist for that specific ailment. Some eye disorders may require surgery. Your eye doctor will write down the name of the eye doctor who ordered your exam, the name of the prescribing physician, and the number of pills that were prescribed to you for your particular condition.

Many states require that individuals purchase vision insurance or group health plans to cover eye care costs. Opticians can provide you with this coverage at no additional cost to you. However, you should understand that opticians cannot write coverage for vision insurance or group health plans. They can only provide services for the items that you have chosen to have covered under these plans. If you are interested in purchasing vision insurance or group health plans, your eye care professional should be able to help you.

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