Wheelchair Accessible Toilets For the Disabled

disabled toilet design australia

The use of disabled toilet design australia has been seen in different countries around the world including Australia. Although there are many facilities provided for the disabled in Australia, the problem of access and the facilities provided is much more problematic. Facilities like wheelchair lifts and walk-in baths are very important to ensure the comfort and freedom of the disabled. There are many disabled persons who find it hard to get access to these facilities. As a matter of fact, this is one of the major concerns that are raised by families having a disabled member living with them.

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However, there are now ways through which disabled persons can have easier access to public toilets. This is done by altering the disabled toilet facilities to make them wheelchair accessible. A disabled person can easily move into and out of the toilet, using either his or her wheelchair or crutches. This is made possible because of special door designs.

Another option that is being looked into is the use of the ‘pull-down’ design. This is where the disabled toilet is positioned on a track. Then, the disabled person can slide down the slope on to the toilet using his or her crutches and pull the toilet up after using it. These are just some of the ways that can be used to make the facilities accessible to the disabled. Therefore, it is hoped that the use of such facilities will ensure greater freedom and comfort for disabled persons.

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